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Residential roofing services

Roofing is an integral part of any building and makes it comfortable, beautiful and safe. But no matter how professionally the roof is installed, at some point, it will need repair. The main thing is to carry out roof restoration work on time. If the current roof repair does not solve the problem, then more serious work will have to be done. In this case, a residential roof needs to be replaced. The roof structure is also repaired or replaced, and insulation layers and gutters are strengthened or restored.


Type of residential roofs

There are many kinds of residential roofing solutions. Remember, any roof needs quality maintenance and timely repairs. Learn the features of your roof that will help you identify damage and contact residential roofing contractors near me in time.

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Flat roof

Modern residential roofing engineers have made the prescale roof famous among homeowners. Roofs of this type have virtually no slope. They also have many benefits:
1. A minimal footprint leads to significant savings in residential roofing materials, maintenance costs and component replacement.
2. The features of such a roof allow you to add various functional devices and elements, such as air conditioning.


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The main disadvantage is the flatness. In states with frequent snowfall on such a roof can accumulate a large mass of snow, enough to damage the building. When it gets warmer, leaks very often appear. Therefore, if you have such a roof, pay special attention to this problem.


Pitched roof


Pitched roofs are a justified choice for many homeowners. They don’t need too frequent cleaning and maintenance because of their features and slope. Residential roofing material and framework do not wear out and last longer. Especially if the roof is erected in accordance with technology.

Residential roofing options


Even at the stage of residential roofing design homeowners choose the material for the future roof. The use of a particular type of material for the roof cladding is determined primarily by the climatic characteristics of the region, the desired appearance and the available budget. The most popular materials for residential roof construction are:


  • Metal residential roofs of residential buildings are a basic solution, famous for their durability, low cost and resistance to impact, which is especially important for loading and transportation. Metal roofs for residential are lightweight and easy to install. The disadvantages are considered to be the average cost of installation and worse soundproofing than its counterparts.
  • Asphalt shingles. This coating is highly soundproofed and thermally insulated, but needs professional installation and maintenance.
  • Natural (ceramic) tiles. A very strong and durable material that has been used for many years.

Residential roofing near me


Different materials have different shelf life and durability. In cases of violation or non-compliance with the instructions, the shelf life of the coating, unfortunately, decreases. Therefore, it is worthwhile to inspect the house roofing near me and contact residential roofers in time for scheduled and major repairs.


Identifying the need to repair the roof of a residential building can be done with a visual inspection. It is recommended to conduct a preventive inspection at least once a year – preferably in the spring. And if there are serious problems with the roofing even inspection will not be necessary, because the moisture will pass onto the building structures – ceilings and walls.


Preventive inspection includes the following operations:

  • Checking the condition of the rafter system and attic floor. It is best performed when it is raining heavily. The need for repair work may indicate moisture on wooden elements, the presence of mold and excessive moisture in the attic space.
  • Inspection of the roofing itself from the outside for damage (holes, cracks, chips, dents, etc.) through which moisture can seep into the attic.
  • Inspection of the ridge for the integrity of the product itself and the waterproofing membrane.
  • Examination of the places adjacency roofing to utilities – chimneys, vents, etc.
  • Inspection of valleys – they can accumulate leaves and debris that violate the free flow of water during rainfall.
  • Inspection of the eaves board and the bottom of the eaves itself. Revision of the gutter system – it can also clog.


Professional residential roof contractors use special infrared cameras, which can easily detect leaks and effectively fix them. So with the naked eye, you may not be able to detect all the problems. It is better to ask for help from professionals.

Residential roofing estimates


The cost of the planned roof repair work is set by the residential roofing company and depends on the following parameters:
total roof area;

  • costs of materials for roofing work;
  • number and level of damage;
  • amount of work (elimination of local damage is much cheaper than a complete overhaul);
  • the cost of materials themselves and their delivery;
  • payment of labor for residential roofers in my area, this item depends on the duration and complexity of the work;
  • payment for the use of special equipment (if necessary its use).


Roofing contractors will also provide a free inspection of your residential roof to identify damage and a warranty on the completion of the roofing work. Thus roofing repairs are necessary for personal safety, an important and optimal solution.